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faviconDomestic Pest Control

Wasp NestOh bother! I’ve just gone to put the rubbish out and there was a rat running across my front garden! What do I do? Simply calling us here at East Riding Pest Control and we’ll come out to you as quickly as we can to solve all your pest problems. Whether it is mice in your kitchen, wasps in your shed or fleas in your dog’s bed, we can guarantee that we can get the problem solved quickly and effectively.

Our staff understand the misery that pests can create and the damage they can cause to your home. We will remove the problem using safe, trade-recommended methods, to help you to claim back your house.


Below is a small list of what we can help you with, if your problem is not listed call us now and enquire as this is not an extensive list…


faviconCommercial Pest Control

RodentsYour reputation and what your customers say about it is an overriding factor to the success of your business. Your business may be partially wounded if a pest is found on your premises. I’m sure you’re aware of all the legislations about hygiene and health and safety, but no matter how annoying they are, they’re there to protect your staff, your premises and yourself.

Our service agreements are made in order to help you carry on with your business without the worry of having pests running around, it’s simply and easy.

They include:

  • A survey to find any potential pest activity
  • An action plan tendered to your needs
  • Conventional monitoring requests
  • A filled out report whenever a visit is conducted


Types of business:


faviconAgricultural Pest Control

East Riding Pest Control prides ourselves on offering a discreet and efficient service which will have your pest problem under control as quickly and humanely as is possible.

We understand the need – particularly within an agricultural business setting – for a rapid response, and as such are available 24 hours a day. We will undertake the control of the following types of agricultural pests although this is not an extensive list, call us now for more information.


Types of Pest:

Farmers report a wide range of impacts including: contamination of silage with Clostridium or Listeria (when bacteria from molehill soil are gathered up with grass during silage production)

Again, as another member of Britain’s natural wildlife community the fox should be appreciated but this may be difficult if they are causing a problem by digging up or fouling plants/crops or by terrorising your livestock.

Although Deer are an important part of the natural environment in the United Kingdom, they do pose a significant problem when they are engaged in the destruction of your crops.

While perhaps cute if kept in a cage, as a pest rabbits are an extremely destructive agricultural nuisance. Left to their own devices they will strip your land bare of vegetables, young shrubs and plants.

Grey squirrels are similar to birds in the type of damage that they cause and while Red Squirrels are protected and must not be harmed in any way, there are a number of means of ridding yourself of the grey variety.


Falconry Services


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