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Falconry Services

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All animals have their natural predators – even urban birds that have had no first-hand experience of predators still carry the genetic memory. The site of a bird of prey is enough to cause the pest to take flight, and when hawks/falcons are flown in a specific routine it will alter their roosting and nesting patterns.

We have a variety of birds of prey that we use to deter many pest birds from occupying an area. Our hawks and falcons are trained over a long period specifically for bird control.


Educational Talks

Educational TalksA visit includes an hour with the birds and where one of our highly trained falconers will involve the children in discussions about birds of prey. The children have the opportunity to hold and stroke the birds.

Not only do you receive this brilliant opportunity but you will get a school pack for the teachers and for the children.

All of our staff are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked and if you need a certification then please contact us. If you need a risk assessment, we will supply you with the appropriate documentation.



Meet The Team

We have a large team of birds of prey they are split into three groups.

  • Falcons – The falcons are in the need for speed. Small, fast and agile, these guys stay up high and have the silhouette of all birds’ worst fear, the Peregrine Falcon.

  • Hawks – The hawks are larger than the falcons, heavier and not as fast. These guys sit around on the roofs of building and because of their size they scare all the other pests easily.

  • Owls – The owls aren’t used for pest control; however they are used for displays, talks and educational visits for children.



PLEASE REMEMBER – all of our birds are not trained to hunt; they are only used as a deterrent and a scare factor. They do not kill any of the target pest species.